Centre dentaire St-Onge offering dental implant services since 1987

Are you considering Centre dentaire St-Onge for the installation of your implants? You’re doing the right thing.

More than 30 years of experience in implantology

For more than 30 years, Centre dentaire St-Onge has been offering implantology services and serving the South Shore of Montreal, including Brossard, La Prairie, and Candiac.

For the past three decades, Dr. Alain St-Onge has followed various training programs both locally and in the United States in order to offer his patients optimal, predictable, and safe treatments.

Hundreds of clients of the Centre dentaire St-Onge have benefited from the installation of dental implants, with exceptional results in terms of comfort, oral health, and aesthetics.

The most advanced dental care on the market

Dr. St-Onge and his team work with state-of-the-art equipment such as bone scanners, digital impressions, and smile photos. Combined with specialized software for planning and carrying out treatments, these technologies, together with 3D printing or machining, make it possible to manufacture ultra-precise positioning guides for implants and teeth attached to them.

The Centre dentaire St-Onge thus performs computer-guided dental surgery, a true technological revolution. The dentist can plan the ideal location for your implant, determine the optimal results, and even show you what your smile will look like. This is made possible by implant treatment planning software that provides the dentist with 3D data on the width and density of the jawbone, the exact location of the tooth root near the operation site, and the location of nerves.

This technology allows a treatment that is perfectly adapted to your needs as well as fast and efficient. No more surprises, no more complications, and no more long convalescences.


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