Health and aesthetic benefits of dental implants

Losing teeth can have real consequences. Apart from the negative impact on facial aesthetics, there’s often a gradual recession of the gums, a shifting of the surrounding teeth, and a deterioration of the overall health of the jawbone.

Health, comfort, and aesthetics

Dental implants are an ideal solution for preserving oral health, as they prevent the consequences of tooth loss mentioned above, and they provide the stimulation needed to maintain a strong and healthy jaw. Also, dental implants won’t damage your surrounding teeth.

Dental implants present another advantage as well: they provide genuine comfort, above that of traditional dentures. Each implant is custom-made to fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth. Implants also allow you to keep eating normally, just like before your tooth loss.

In terms of aesthetics, it’s important to know that implants aren’t even noticeable — they look just like natural teeth. And by counteracting the shrinking of the gums and the shifting of the surrounding teeth into the space left behind, they preserve the full figure of the face. Because when the jaw deteriorates from tooth loss, the face becomes thinner and looks older.

Finally, the lifespan of dental implants is important: we’re talking about an average of about 20 years. Some people can even keep their implants for the rest of their lives.

Implants dentaires à place de prothèses partielles

Standard prostheses or implants?

Getting dentures without implants can cause certain inconveniences and complications, such as mouth sores, dietary restrictions, and a poor fit resulting in unstable dentures. People with standard dentures often also complain of having thin lips and hollow cheeks. With dental implants, these issues don’t arise.

Another advantage of implants is that they’re fixed: once installed, they don’t move. So for someone with a well-fitting but unstable partial denture, it may be worth considering one or a few implants to stabilize the denture. Sometimes a partial denture can also be completely replaced by implants with a bridge or crown.

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