How much does a dental implant cost?

We’re often asked about the price of dental implants. It’s true that getting dental implants involves higher costs than installing a removable prosthesis or bridge. A thorough examination and analysis of your needs will help us determine the price of treatments for your situation.

A profitable long-term investment

In the long run, the investment is often worth it. Once installed, the implant will stay put, which will allow the missing teeth to be replaced in a lasting way. To ensure the longevity of the implants, it is essential to follow the sound oral hygiene advice given by your dentist.

Of all dental treatments, dental implants have the highest success rate. It’s also a treatment with a long lifespan, we’re talking many years; and, in some cases, implants can even last your whole life.

In other words, costs that appear high at the time end up paying for themselves over the years. The financial impact is only felt once.

It’s also worth noting that dental treatments are eligible for a tax credit of 20% to 30%, depending on your income.

An investment that benefits your health

Many customers are willing to pay for implants because good health is priceless. Dental implants stop the deterioration of jawbone health of its gradual decline. They also prevent surrounding teeth from moving into the space left behind. So dental implants prevent a number of other problems resulting from tooth loss. Last, but not least, they will bring back your functional and aesthetic smile.

Financing options at Centre dentaire St-Onge

Centre dentaire St-Onge offers clients several financing options. Thanks to the Accord D program, which is designed especially to provide access to dental care, credit approval is easy. The program lets you obtain partial or full financing and divide the payment over several months.

This ensures you have immediate access to an optimal treatment plan. Contact us for a personalized evaluation of the cost of your dental implants.