Cosmetic Dentistry

To enhance your smile

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about the possibilities of cosmetic surgery. Now we can not only “redo” parts of the body and the face: With cosmetic dentistry, we can also enhance your smile, which is such an essential element of your image and personality.


Whitening is a painless procedure that brings brightness back to your teeth using a safe whitening solution. We can whiten living teeth as well as teeth that have blackened following a root canal treatment. What’s more, we now offer Zoom Advanced Power! It’s the newest technology that allows you to get a smile that’s up to 8 times whiter in 90 minutes!


Veneers are small plates that are made and attached to teeth to hide stained or chipped teeth, irregular-shaped or very decayed teeth, or visible spaces between teeth.

Gum correction

Gum correction re-establishes balance between gums and teeth, such as in the case of a “gummy” smile.

Don’t wait any longer, enjoy a dazzling smile!

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