General Dental Care

Routine reinvented

At any age, dental and oral health start with hygiene and prevention. At the Centre dentaire St-Onge, we employ the same care in basic dentistry as we do in other treatments and procedures.

With us, a routine check-up is always serious and complete! At the Centre dentaire St-Onge, we perform scaling and check for cavities, of course, but we go much farther. As we examine your mouth, we take particular care in screening for signs of oral cancer—a rare cancer that can be easily treated if detected early.

At the Centre dentaire St-Onge, the comprehensive check-up of your mouth also includes a microbiological analysis of your oral flora. By detecting the presence of certain harmful microorganisms, we can help you prevent or treat conditions of varying severity—from bad breath to loose teeth, to name just two common problems.

Don’t wait any longer, envoy a dazzling smile !

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