To rebuild your smile using dental implants

Advancement in dentistry

Dentistry has greatly advanced in recent years. Dental implants are part of this advancement and are of great service to patients who have lost one or all their teeth. Dental implants are a unique means for truly replacing a patient’s missing teeth.

Dental implants in a nutshell

Implants are artificial roots made of titanium that are inserted in the gums like natural teeth are. On these roots, it’s possible to replace dentition, which is either fixed or removable depending on the needs of each patient. This way, patients will be able to rediscover their self-esteem, quality of life, and better overall health, all while getting better chewing and a more beautiful smile back.

In order to ensure the quality of this treatment, it’s important to evaluate the needs and bone structure of the patient properly without forgetting occlusion, the position of the teeth, and the look of the smile.

Our involvement in implantology

At the Centre dentaire St-Onge, we have been involved in implantology for thirty years now. Today, we are as innovative as ever by using cutting-edge technologies, such as bone scanography, digital impressions, and photos of the smile paired with specialized software for the planning and execution of all treatments.

This way, it’s possible produce ultra-precise positioning guides for the implants and the teeth that will attach to them using 3D impressions or milling. As a result, the patient can expect to have a treatment that is optimal, predictable, and safe.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small metal rod inserted into your jaw to replace roots missing due to an accident or tooth loss. Over time, the implant bonds with the jawbones. Replacement teeth can then be attached to it. Sometimes, implants also require bone grafts.

The advantages of implantology

Dental implants come with numerous advantages: Beyond being able to anchor artificial teeth, they help prevent or reverse the deterioration of the jawbone. This deterioration is what adds to the appearance of aging after tooth loss.

Toward an optimal result

The optimal result in implantology, from the aesthetic and functional points of view, is the outcome of a complete plan that is followed by precise execution. Today, the standards of success our patients expect are high. They no longer just expect to have bonded and solid implants—they want to get their missing teeth back with an attractive and functional solution.

Treatment plan

This is precisely the Centre dentaire St-Onge’s way of thinking and approach to implantology. The evaluation is the essential starting point. Indeed, the aesthetic and functional issues are determined during the creation of a treatment plan in implantology. To do this, diagnostic waxing, radiographic guides, and scans are the indispensable tools of our planning process.