Tooth Restoration And Replacement

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Needless to say, filling is the first form of tooth restoration. It refers to the filling of a hole in a tooth, called a cavity, to prevent the tooth from deteriorating.

Unloved by young and old, fillings are now almost painless. At the Centre dentaire St-Onge, we don’t use metal-based amalgams (which contain mercury). Instead, we prefer using a biocompatible composite and the CEREC technique.

Crowns are used to cover or replace damaged teeth. With the CEREC technique, we can now create crowns without the inconvenience of impressions and temporary crowns. In general, everything can be done in a single appointment! An advanced computer designs the crown and sends the “order” directly to the milling chamber. In a few minutes, the crown is fashioned in highly resistant ceramic, which is then fine-tuned to get the most natural look possible.

Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth with the support of adjacent teeth. Dr. St-Onge collaborates with a trusted supplier in each step of fabrication and personalization, as well as cosmetic retouches, just as he does with dentures.


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