The Best Technology For Your Smile

Technologies that are constantly evolving

Depending on the dentists you consult, you might believe that dental medicine and dentistry technologies haven’t evolved very much since your first cavities. At the Centre dentaire St-Onge, we constantly prove the contrary.

All the members of our team strive to keep abreast of the most recent technologies that will let you put on your best smile for as long as possible. We take advantage of every chance we get to obtain training and information on the different ways to offer you the most efficient and painless treatments available.

Guided Dental Surgeries

Computer-guided surgery: Welcome to 21st-century dentistry. SimPlant® is an implant planning software that provides the dentist with 3D data on the width and density of the jawbone, the exact location of the roots of neighbouring teeth in the operation site, and the location of nerves. So what? The practitioner can plan the ideal placement of the implant, determine the optimal results, and even show the patient what their smile will look like.

SimPlant® enables treatments that are perfectly tailored to the patient. It’s quick and efficient. No more surprises, complications, or long recoveries.

Guided dental surgeries

CEREC technology

Pro-Max 3D technology

Laser technology

Digital X-rays


Other technologies

DEXIS CariVu technology


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